Who Are We?

We are a Kenyan brand that encourages prosperity within the Kenyan culture across the globe. We want to introduce you to our local fashion that keeps you close to home.

We have also seen a masked desire amongst several groups of people who want to invest in Kenya. These people are often a massive influence in both fashion and society within their home countries. Therefore, we want to bring the rich, colourful and warm aesthetic of the diverse Kenyan cultures into their design work, inspiration and daily lifestyle.

The Shanta Unique Project

‘Shanta’ meaning bag in Swahili, is a Kenyan (bespoke) bag company.

We primarily focus on producing bags that are designed and produced locally by community groups. Kenya is a place of great potential and talent, where business is ever increasing. Our nation does not need help. What Kenya needs is “Trade not Aid” and this project is in line with that vision.

Our Product

Our incredibly talented community designers create “one-of-a-kind” bags which include: laptop bags, gym bags, man bags, tote bags and ladies bags that all express elements of our diverse Kenyan cultures.

We are unique because each client has the ability to visit our website and customise a personalised design that is also stamped with their name or company brand. Upon receipt of payment the bag will be constructed and shipped directly to the client wherever they are located around the world.

We Are Kenyan

In line with promoting our diverse Kenyan cultures, materials needed to create the bags such as leather, canvas and suede, woven natural fibres, wood arts and crafts, jewellery, raffia, brightly printed fabrics, and many others are sourced locally.